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I am very excited to be writing to each of you and announcing I’m back!  In this blog I plan to cover a variety of relevant life related topics including most topics that are near and dear to me, each of which I have first hand experience.

I plan to include business related topics,  including establishing an online web presence,  traffic generation,  relationship building, advertising,  marketing,  and business strategies.  Being online and networking with people around the world is something I truly enjoy doing.  I believe wholeheartedly in lifelong learning, teamwork, and surrounding yourself with other positive and like minded individuals.

Networking, collaboration and teamwork is responsible for the
success of all online business. We recommend you take full advantage of meeting and connecting with our team members and many of the people we will be recommending to you as our pages grow.

Some of the more personal topics I plan to discuss include single
parenting,  divorce,  stress,  anxiety,  caregiving,  chronic
illness,  ADHD,  mental illness,  and some of the other struggles that many of us share as part of our daily lives.

Finally I would like this blog to be both interesting and fun,  so I plan to include topics regarding faith,  love,  laughter,  dance,
music,  writing,  art,  painting and animals,  each which remain part of my very inner core. I also have a great interest in learning about different cultures around the world and discovering the similarities. No matter who you are,  sometimes just plain and simply, “Life is
Like That.”

I look forward to sharing knowledge and having discussions with each one of you,  and would like you to please bookmark this “Life is Like That” blog and watch out for future posts.

Your Editor…

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Covers relevant business strategies, personal health issues, and will include lighthearted and fun life experiences too. The audience includes people interested in establishing an online web presence; business owners in search of business solutions; and men and women interested in sharing ideas, brainstorming together to find profitable solutions.